Interesting New Problem for the Urban Gardener

So, four days ago, my neighbor decided that the house’s front garden was too overgrown.  He asked one roommate if he could trim the bushes on the edge of the driveway, and she said yes.  Then two days ago he came and manscaped one part of the front bed, including parts no where near the edge of the driveway, which meant I came home to a garden that look drastically and unexpectedly different.





Another view where you can see the decidedly shorn nature of the forsythia and the artfully trampled foliage.


I have got to say, I never expected to have to ask a neighbor to stay the %#@ out of my garden beds.  I like a slightly overgrown garden, and certainly feel no need to prune my bushes into nice distinct entities.  I did plan to do some work in this bed though, and am annoyed that some of that work is no longer available to do.  I LIKE working in our garden, and don’t want someone else doing it for me.  I have talked to the neighbor, and I think he understands this, but honestly, I don’t know what I will do if he intrudes again.  Its just not something that one expects to have to deal with.  Has anyone else ever experienced something similar?  Suggestions?


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