Summer Update

Well, I have been riding my bike and not spending as much time in the garden, but stuff doesn’t stop growing even for cycling, so I do have some updates.  First off, the black Calla Lily has bloomed, and is probably one of my best impulse plant buys ever!


The strange tall plants that look vaguely like a peony appear to be about to flower.  The flower is still hard to see, but looks like a small green daisy at this point.  We’ll see what it develops into.  The plants themselves are around 4 ft high.  I’d still love an ID on them, and I’ll post pics as they mature.


The Nasturtiums are happily growing, and are finally producing a fair number of visible blooms, and have provided the new header you can see above.  The bike in that header is my beautiful new belt-drive single-speed called a Trek District.  For more on that look at this blog:

Below you can see the wealth of ferns various friends have given me.  I think I have 5 different types of ferns back here!


Finally, after I moved it to a location with a bit more sun, the Mahonia is starting to grow!



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