Do Fences Make Good Neighbors?

Our yard was clearly once fenced off from the neighbors. There are still the remains of fence posts rotting comfortably away on the edges of things to prove it. But fences are expensive to maintain, and my clearly extremely frugal landlord let them fall down and then dragged them off to finish decaying behind the garage.   They still make a nicely visible mess in some of my earlier pictures, and, though now covered with foliage, are nevertheless not going anywhere fast.  All this leaves me with the view of the porches of 5 different appartments.  Instinctually, I began to consider fencing.  I priced it online, I looked at in books, and I even collected it out of the trash.

As spring goes on, however, I keep dragging my feet, unwilling to block off sun from one neighbor’s new garden by a large fence, unwilling to wall out the cute two year old and his parents and unwilling to alienate people I have only just gotten to know while outside gardening, even if they are sometimes a bit surly.  So lets just say I’m trying a little fenceless experiment.  We’ll see how long it lasts.

Especially if they get tired of a short woman always poking around her garden while they are trying to quietly read a book on the porch and build their own fence.


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  1. Can you put a privacy fence of bamboo reeding just around the places you want private like a patio, picnic area, etc? We did that in Minnesota, and it worked well.

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