A Real Garden Party

Last spring my apartment building was bought by a new landlord who proceeded to kick my bikes into the basement and then stated his plan to “landscape” the front yard where I had been gardening.  My friend Carol suggested, given his fondness for power tools, that the term “manscape” might be more apt.  Manscaping is a term I associate with beds of dyed red mulch and a few over-pruned shrubs with plenty of space in between them for one’s riding mower.  In horror at this thought, I rallied my friends, and, in one of the most fun impromptu parties of my life, we dragged all of my plants out of the ground, ferried them in repeated trips to a friend’s house, and planted them into an old and neglected bed.  One friend said, at the end of the day’s work as we sat around eating take-out Thai food and drinking beer, “now THIS is a garden party.”

Now almost a year has gone by, and I have started bringing my plants over bit by bit.  You can see some of the ferns in the first picture, although not very well, and some Sweet Woodruff at the base of bench in the second.



Its interesting that the narrow path back to the area behind the garage should have gotten to the my favorite part of the garden but it is.  Here is the view out of it for good measure.  You can see more ferns at the bottom of this photo too.


I thought I would also show our first garden bouquet.  Note the “black” tulips which are actually a very nice shade of deepest purple.  We cut some of them because the slumped over after blooming.  Any ideas on how to prevent that?



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