Posted by: oldeforest | May 12, 2009

Spring Star Flowers?

Ok, the croci, are actually not croci as I suspected.  They look like this:


Is this a “Spring Star Flower” as Google suggests, or something else?  Mom?



  1. Hi there, Kid,

    The plant you picture here is: Ornithogalum umbellatum. Check out this link from Scheepers bulb catalog:

    I have them all over my beds. They completely disappear when it gets warm.

  2. Thanks Mom-as-plant-advisor,

    I now have some too! They also close up at night, which is cool.

    We like to call them Stars of Beverly around here though

    • I wonder where you got those from? 😉 They do close at night. I was wondering if I was imagining it.

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