My First Garden Meal

So, I just finished my first garden meal, which is also one of the easiest meals I know to grow and make.   As you can see from the photos, I was not capable of waiting to eat until I went upstairs and got a camera, but allow me to assure you that it looked as good as it tasted.  Dish one was pasta with a butter and sage sauce (and lots of garlic).  Chop up ingredients and nuke them with butter in a mug for 45 seconds, then pour over pasta.  The salad was thinly sliced carrots, mint sliced into thin strips and the first little baby greens that I’m thining out.  The dressing was just oil and balsamic vinegar.  The mint provides the needed extra flavor.


I also, in my hunt for mint, discovered that I possess three types of mint.  I think my friend Stephanie gave me one, but other two were possibly already growing here.  Or I brought them from my other garden.  Or I bought one of them.  What type of mint are they?  Heh.  No idea.

Are carrots good for one’s memory?





  1. Hi there, kid,

    You always put great sauces together. We are eating fresh asparagus, red Russian kale and lettuce at this time. We are headed to Ligonier for Mother’s Day so will take some of these things with us! Lot’s of lettuce, but of course, your grandfather Gump loves iceberg lettuce so he will not be very impressed with our bounty. Also for the folks in Ligonier Marc is making gypsy soup from the “Moosewood Cookbook” which he fixed for you when you were in VA.

  2. Mmm, I definitely gave you mint and may have given you bee balm… (of the mint family). Can’t tell if one of those is it by the photo, and don’t remember if bee balm was divided last fall.

    i’ve been eating green onions, chives, and nibbling pea greens out of the garden… but haven’t actually managed a meal yet. I did randomly discover that some turnip seeds I planted out of misplaced optimism last march did come up, but someone weeded out half of them. Must work on labeing things!!

  3. I think your right, the thing in the back picture is bee balm. It smells oddly citrus-like. By the way, would you like a pumpkin plant? We had 15 just come up out of a pumpkin we composted. I have no idea why I didn’t expect that to happen.

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