Mysterious Plants and Spelling

So I’m actually sitting outside in my garden looking at real live arugula, lettuce, spinach and kale now large enough to distinguish from the weeds, and still thriving croci. I’m actually beginning to wonder what the croci are, since some of them have started to get buds on them now, well after the last crocus seems to have faded. Quite mysterious. I have also just noticed that my spellcheck does not recognize the word arugula, despite the fact that I’m *fairly* certain it’s spelled correctly. Still, spelling was never a talent of mine.
I also had another fairly interesting trash find two days ago, when someone living in a big fancy house in Chestnut Hill put out some wonderful rough-hewn boards out to the trash. They will make another awesome gonzo-carpentered bench, though they will probably need a bit of sanding so as not to serve the added function of a splinter delivery system. Sounds like an excuse to by a new sander from myself!
I have also now planted my own seedlings, as well as a shipment of perennials. One thing I have discovered about ordering perennials early is that they seem to take forever, and so one is sorely tempted to by more perennials. Not that this will stop me from doing it again seeing as it is only in planning my next moves in the garden (and riding my bike) that keeps me sane through the Massachusetts winter.



  1. PS You can change the subtitle of your blog if you want. I recommend changing it to “because you can’t think about bikes all the time”.

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