Plant Delights has just notified me that my perennials have finally shipped!  Although this whole waiting thing has made my instant gratification side cranky, it has given me time to prep a back semi-circular bed right behind the house.  It, like many of the other beds around the house had been covered by filter cloth and white gravel to control weeds, which, while fashionable in a spare-tire planter kind of way, does cramp the style of any gardener.  I happily removed the filter cloth and scooped some of the gravel out and put it on the path out to the back lot.  Most of the gravel just got mixed in when I started loosening the soil.  I’m afraid I’m not really up to sieving the dirt to get it out.

We are also getting some perennials coming back in the herb bed.  In most cases I know what they are, but I have taken the liberties to post a few of the more mysterious ones here.  It will probably be plainly evident what they are to any experienced gardeners, which, of course, is what I’m hoping for.  God forbid I look anything up.   Mom?


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