So, another project I have started is a small stair coming down from the side of the garage into the wooded space.  Someone had already tossed a number of broken pieces of concrete back there and left them sitting at odd angles that made them hard to walk over. I almost didn’t have to move them to make stairs, just cut into the slope and level them.



As you can see, they are very rough, but I’m hoping I can get a sense of walking into a ruin when you come back here, so that doesn’t bother me too much.  They do actually function quite well, which, I’m embarrassed to admit, surprised me.  Now I must adorn them with plants!

Speaking of which, we also have our first flowers!  Look at the way the croci are sneaking out below the rail road tie. These little guys are seriously out of control around here.



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  1. I must remember to come back here more often! This is great for those of us trapped indoors from 9-5. And can’t wait to come see the stairs!

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