Discoveries and Started Projects

Well, the snow has melted again, and this time the masses of  crocuses are coming up so thickly in places they look like grass.  Seeing what comes up  is obviously one of the best parts about starting work in a new, but previously tended gardens.


I have also moved the rather rough little bench I made back behind the garage.  As you can see, I have also made some progress on the screen behind it in a, so far, vain attempt to screen out the bright primary colors of my neighbors kid’s toys.  I have also been carrying out a small pile of trash every time I go back there.  I guess that is just what happens in untended urban spaces.  The wind blows all sorts of stuff in, and then lazy, cheap twerps like my landlord pile up stuff behind their garages that the trash collectors won’t take.  So far the scetchy flaking paint from the boards left back there (you can see it in the foreground) is the biggest pain to clean up, and possibly the most hazerdous for the enviroment if it is lead paint.  It feels like latex though.




  1. Well, Abs,

    There is hope for this barren looking landscape. It will be fun to see what you do with this. Good luck. I just started an all sun garden at Marc’s – the first time I have full sun. It will be raised garden of sorts in a crescent shape with drought tolerant plants – probably from High Country Gardens since I have gift certificates still to use from there. Yellow and red will be the prominent colors – hot like Nelson County, Virginia in midsummer.

    Do you see any other kinds of bulbs coming up?

  2. Yep, some daffodils, some irises (yes, yes, I know they are rhizomes), and oddly enough there are some day lilies. I wonder where those came from? A bunch of the stuff I planted is coming up too, hyacinths, more daffodils, and my roommate’s black tulips. She possesses a dark soul :).

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