What the snow revealed II

These are just a few pictures of the vegetable and herb garden were I would like to make a nice seating area too.

The herb garden with some perennial flowers in the back.  There are already mad bulbs coming up.  I have no idea what exactly they are, but hey, that’s part of the fun.  I would love to screen out the fishbowlesque view of the neighbour’s white plastic lawn furniture too.  I have a couple of windows and an old door that might make a handy screen.  The door is purple. D-light-ful!


This is a view of the plot I want to use for veggies.


It seems like it should be a veggie plot after all, its sunny, its rectangular, and now its got lots and lots of rich compost produced soil thanks to the conscientious hipsters that have lived here for a couple of years before me.  Someone in the garden’s shady past disagreed with me however, and it too is full of giant clumps of bulbs.  I’ve transplanted a bunch of them, but they keep showing up.  You can actually see them in the picture above in the lower left corner poking through leaves.  Crocuses?  Hyacinths?  Mom would probably know, but I am content to remain ignorant until the sweet breezes of spring reveal all.  Those sweet breezes, by the way, are a probably not soon coming given we are about to have another 12 inches of snow dumped on us.       yay.


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