My Oh So Unattainable Inspirations/Aspirations

So as I currently have copious amount of spare time (which I should be spending grading) due to February break,  I thought I would throw up a quick list of books and the gardens in them that have inspired me to get into this project.

In “The New Decorated Garden” by Elspeth Thompson and Melanie Eclare I saw the garden of Elizabeth and Tony Duquette, a bizarre and completely over the top oriental looking garden made largely out of found materials.  I know I could never come close to this look, but one needs something to strive for.


The Duquettes garden:

Ms. Thompson’s own garden also made me want lots of huge plants, plants that flap like sails in a breeze, plants big enough to hide under in a tropical downpour, plants that, in fact, seem almost big enough to ingest innocent passersby. You get the idea.


Ms. Thompson’s garden as seen in another of her books:



  1. Wow, these are way over the top ideas. I am not sure this is in your genes. Can you explain?

    1. Not in my genes O lover of “large architectural plants” like the giant onion thing in your front yard? Indeed. What is that thing anyway?

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