Posted by: oldeforest | February 21, 2009

My Oh So Unattainable Inspirations/Aspirations

So as I currently have copious amount of spare time (which I should be spending grading) due to February break,  I thought I would throw up a quick list of books and the gardens in them that have inspired me to get into this project.

In “The New Decorated Garden” by Elspeth Thompson and Melanie Eclare I saw the garden of Elizabeth and Tony Duquette, a bizarre and completely over the top oriental looking garden made largely out of found materials.  I know I could never come close to this look, but one needs something to strive for.


The Duquettes garden:

Ms. Thompson’s own garden also made me want lots of huge plants, plants that flap like sails in a breeze, plants big enough to hide under in a tropical downpour, plants that, in fact, seem almost big enough to ingest innocent passersby. You get the idea.


Ms. Thompson’s garden as seen in another of her books:



  1. Wow, these are way over the top ideas. I am not sure this is in your genes. Can you explain?

    • Not in my genes O lover of “large architectural plants” like the giant onion thing in your front yard? Indeed. What is that thing anyway?

  2. The plant to which your refer is in the lily family. It grows in Hawaii. You can have on of your own if you wish. I found a picture of it on the Internet: Mine is from a plant that your Aunt Susie has.

  3. Indeed I would love one :). I thought I would also include another picture just to give our readers a sense of the scale of this thing. Please see below and note that the can be as tall as a small tree at times. Delightful!

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