Lanterns of all types

Well, I finished glazing the Japanese lantern, and a figured out how I could string up the small lanterns using discarded bicycle cable. The key was some 36 cent aluminium cable ferrules that could be squished shut with pliers to clamp the cable together. They seem to be able to be found at most hardware stores. You do need the smallest size though, and that was sometimes sold out. I’m really hoping to use this ferrule discovery to finish a bike parts wind chime too!   I stuck pictures of all of that up and I also included one of a weird candle holding pod thing I came up with. It is just a very round vase that I then cut with the wire tool to expose its interior.

In retrospect it might have been smarter to not photograph stuff in front of a mirror…







  1. Dear Oldeforest,

    It was mentioned, upon reading your post aloud, that few people have as much bike cable as you.


    PS Can you advise on the planting of a miniature rose bush.

  2. No, but my mother can…Mom? AND one can acquire all the left-over bike cable one wants to at a bike store. Humph.

  3. Growing miniature roses is much like growing many other roses. See the American Rose Society webpage ( for more information. Roses are actually easy to grow if you carefully research those that don’t easily succumb to diseases. You can probably find out about your miniature by searching the Internet.

    I never use insecticides or fungicides, and most of my roses show no problems during the growing season. The one rose that does, the Climbing Peace, loses its leaves every summer due to black spot but will bloom both in late Spring and late fall into December.

  4. Thanks, Mom With the Answer! The miniature roses separated out into four plants and a pot of ivy (it was garnish in the display). Now our house is full of roses that we will plant, should it ever get warm outside.

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