Plant sourcing

So, I thought I would throw up a quick post about the various locations where I am buying plants and seeds.  For the truly strange plants and strangely hardy plant varieties I have gone to  They have both hardy yucca and hardy rosemary as well as a hardy palm tree that could grow in Massachusetts (zone 6).  I didn’t spring for all of these, but I might eventually get them.  I would really love a semitropical looking garden for the rear of the house, and in Boston it will be quite a feat to achieve even the illusion of such a thing.  American Meadows, is having 50% off most plants and bulbs sale,  so I went there for most more typical plants.  A friend of my mother’s also has a very interesting nursery business which specializes in edibles.  As anyone who knows me can attest, I really like eating, so that peaked my interest.  That website is, and they have a wide variety of native (and nonnative) edible plants that can also serve an ornamental function, including persimmons and paw paw bushes (I want both).   The owner also specializes in varieties that require minimal care while being pest and disease resistant.  Finally, for heirloom vegetable seeds, I went to Baker Creek Heirloom seeds at   Now I just have to wait for spring…



  1. I still like your lantern. I have been thinking of doing one to put in the wood fire in April. I have started working on some plant stakes which are low fire clay so I can paint them with bright colors. I will send y a pic when I get them finished- if they come out.
    Love to ya, Susie

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