Lanterns Glazed!

So I just picked up the lanterns from the studio.  Apparently I decided to glaze them sitting on their rounded bases, so they look a bit differently than I said they would earlier.  The base glaze was a glaze called “flow blue” with drips of a purple glaze our studio calls plum.  We only have an electric kiln, so purples are always a problem, but nonetheless, they turned out well.  Just not purple or blue, or rather the blue turned out a greenish-brown and the purple is pale blue.  Heh.  Welcome to the world of pottery!



Still I liked the glaze combo enough to glaze the big lantern that way as well.  I even did some mugs in that combo.  Now I have to figure out how to hang them.  I was thinking about using old bike cables, of which I have many, but I would need cable crimps, which  appear to be hard to find.  The alternative would be cheap chain, like the stuff that you cut off rolls in the hardware store.  I will let you know what works.


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