Garden Lantern Making

So, I was in a cranky mood and decided to go do some pottery to de-crank since gardening was sort of out of the question.  I hate snow.  Especially hard, icy snow that sometimes supports your weight and then, just when you are feeling confident, breaks and you go in up to you shin and almost fall on your face.  Still Pottery helps.

I made 4 lanterns for the garden, and I want to make 4 or 5 more.  If you are a potter, or know a potter, its very easy. You make a cup and put holes in it for the light to come through and smaller holes for whatever you want to use to hang the things.  I used cookie cutters for the bigger holes and a metal tube that used to hold and eraser on a triangular pencil for the hanger holes.  That is probably less than helpful in terms of directions, but never fear.  I have included pictures:


They are upside down because the bottoms are rounded.  When I glaze them I will fire them that way too, so there will be glaze on the bottom a bit of unglazed ceramic at the lip where the thing rested.  I think I shall glaze them green.



  1. These lanterns look great. What are the dimensions? You should pose for scale.

  2. A scale?!? How nerdy, do I look like an archaeologist? When the are fired, they will probably be 3 inches across and 4 high. These are just the little ones. I was going to make you a big Japanese looking one after I successfully make one for myself :).

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