History of the Family Problem

My Dear Old Dad had this to say about his father in response to the website:

“Enjoyed your website.  You might also mention Knobby, who will work all day in the garden, even at age 87.  He planted a huge yard in Blacksburg (my current house and lot would pretty much fit on his tennis court, which was a small part of what he had.  When he began, it was an apple orchard overgrown with Locust and poison ivy, and he slashed and burned and moved a lot of dirt.  At Winston Rd. he dug up the whole yard and reseeded from scratch so as not to have ANY weeds or wire-grass.  He is always hacking on trees (usually when Jodie went out of town for the day), which is why his yard is never overgrown, and he is in such great shape.”

Why my grandfather is named Knobby (his actual name is Charles) is a bit of a mystery.  Either his ears looked like doorknobs, or his head was knobby.  Take your pick.   Either way the little family obsession seems to go back quite a ways.  heh.


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