Fun Trash Score!

So today I was diving my friend Carol home and we passed some wicked awesome windows out to the trash, and as everyone knows windows are handy for making mini green houses etc. I thus threw the car in reverse in the snow and started backing down towards them much to my friend’s dismay. She noted it was much like a bad dream where you want to go one way, you are even facing that way, but you actually go backwards towards the scary thing chasing you. Nonetheless, they are beautiful windows and my only regret is that I did not take more. THEN, after doing some pottery (a project also for the garden that I will discuss later) I drove by some decorative metal grates that would make a delightful garden fence. Since Carol had long since been dropped off, I went around the block and grabbed them. Yay for hatchbacks! The picture below is of the grates, you can see the windows peeking out from behind though. What should you take away from this? If you need something for the garden, keep your eyes peeled on trash day.



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