Mom’s little goodbye gifties (and a Machete)

So before I left my hometown to return to the drudgery of Boston and work, mom agreed to let me take some extra plants from her garden back with me.  This involved a complicated conversation about plant locations…”look sort of in the middle of the bed in front of the right-hand boxwood…” and a treasure map of sorts (see picture).  I then proceeded to get a shovel and prowl  around her garden while she was at work, but could only find the orange daylilies. (“Take them all!” said Mom, “I hate orange daylilies.  Robert E. Lee liked them though…”)

So, I finally had to get Mom to walk around with me and find stuff.  This also inevitably included a detailed tour of the her newest garden pets and projects.  Including honeysuckle on a umbrella shaped arbour and newly planted “hens and chickens” succulents.  She also has this nifty long handled trowel (or small bladed shovel) for digging up perennials.  I’m not sure why it couldn’t also dig up annuals, but do not question a guru.

By final tally, however,  I scored five daylilies, 3 silver dollar plants, a mahonia and 2 real geraniums.  I was going to steal those from dad, but he had to jet off to california to see my twerply little sister.  The mahonia is wicked cool.  See the below gallery for images.

I also had to add a picture of the machete Dad gave me.  I am inordinately fond of hand tools, particularly pointy ones.



  1. Josh’s aunt gave me some hens and chicks which I promptly killed. I probably over-watered them. I have a habit of dumping half empty water glasses on my houseplants, a desert survival technique. They turned pasty white then scabbed over.

    1. Heh. I want to get some. Hens are chicks are cute. I habitually underwater house plants. They have my roommates to thank for being alive!

  2. Me thinks, me luverly, that your print is a bit too light. Lunaria Annua is the silver dollar thingy and the geranium I gave you is Geranium Sanguineum. Since you are a Latin teacher, thought you would like that little info.

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